Theatre Director

'puppet theatre is about animating imaginations'

My experience as a puppeteer has grown an approach to telling stories and making theatre for children using puppetry and the transformation of objects & materials through skilful design and performance. Along the way I have explored communicating ideas and narratives through combining puppetry with film & animation, visual art, dance and music.


I am flexible and have worked in different ways to adapt contemporary children’s books and reimagine traditional fairytales. as well as devising new work from original concepts. I have also co-directed and contributed specialised puppetry and dramaturgical skills.

As a director I want to build co-creative communities and nurture trustful processes that enable all participants to contribute equally within playful spaces.


Wow Said The Owl for Little Angel Theatre 2016 - 2017

My approach is to start with a research & development period, which enables direction & dramaturgy, design, writing, performance, sound and lighting elements to integrate as part of an exploratory and improvisatory process.


Wow It’s Nighttime

A Little Angel Theatre production

Based on the book written by award winning author Tim Hopgood

Discover the wonders of night-time, from the big, bright moon to the bats in the sky and the foxes deep in the forest.


Siyanda, Protector of Plants 

Theatre-Rites & the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Enter into the mystical world of plants with Siyanda; a theatrical experience using live music, puppetry and performance.

Siyanda has been the guardian of plants for many, many years and knows all their secrets - join her to become a fully fledged plant protector and learn how to protect our vibrant planet!

Wow-016 - credit ELLIE KURTTZ.JPG

Wow! Said the Owl

A Little Angel Theatre production

Based on the book written by award winning author Tim Hopgood

Explore the wow-world of colours with this curious little owl who is determined to stay awake to see what day light brings.

paint 3.jpg

Dot, Squiggle and Rest

A Polka Theatre and Royal Opera House co-production

Sounds, shapes and surprises in a secret musical garden.



A Norwich Puppet Theatre production

A roguish soldier acquires a magic tinderbox which gives him the power to summon three extraordinary dogs to do his bidding. 

Breathes new life into Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale of magic, bravery and love with puppetry, animation and music.


Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

A Little Angel Production

A long time ago, one disgruntled fairy cast a spell that sent the whole world into a spin… 

This bold production uses puppetry, imaginative video projections, automata and live music to weave an irresistibly magical storytelling experience.

NPTThreeColors-263 72.jpg

Three Colours

Co-production between Polka Theatre & Norwich Puppet Theatre with Joy Haynes

Imagine a world where you are

Diving into the deep blue sea

Hopping around with green frogs

Gazing into the crackling red of a bonfire

Blue, green and red delights....


With the use of projection, light, puppets, music and dance, this immersive performance promises to delight and tickle the imagination of the young.