Three Colours

“..sensational in every sense of the word..a creative and dynamic experience that is sure to inspire any young mind” Curious Mum


“Using lights, projections, shadows and their bodies, the performers used the colours red, green and blue to provide a feast for the eyes!” Rock’N’Roller Baby


Bask in a world of colour in this interactive performance which explores vibrant sensory worlds. Three Colours places you and your children at the very centre of the experience, gently drawing you into wonderful imaginary landscapes where you can swim with fish, feel frogs nibble your toes, catch grasshoppers and listen to a gentle heartbeat... all conjured out of the colours of light.


With the use of projection, light, puppets, music and dance, this immersive performance promises to delight and tickle the imagination of the young.

Researched & developed by Joy Haynes supported by the Small size Seeding Fund 2012. Small size European Network for the diffusion of Performing Arts for Early Childhood