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Three Colours of Light Small Size R&D (2012)

The concept for Three Colours grew from a strong interest in exploring the challenges and possibilities of creating new work for children 0 - 5yrs Three Colours Project 1


I wanted a change in direction within my own practice to explore presenting dramatic material, which did not conform to traditional linear narrative structures with beginnings, middles and ends. In my experience very young children are drawn to strong imagery, colours and sounds and repetitions that communicate on an emotional and sensory level.


The study involved a fusion of movement, music, animation and puppetry disciplines through collaboration with: musician/composer Jonathan Lambert, dancer Jasmiina Sipila, shadow puppeteer Zannie Fraser and animator Graeme Hawkins and working with children in Settings to explore multiple sensory worlds and imaginary landscapes conjured by the colours red, green and blue.

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Three Colours developed as the result of a personal study project supported by Small Size https://www.smallsize.org in 2012 - a European network for the diffusion of performing arts for early childhood.


Click HERE to download 3 Colours of Light Project Portfolio

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Dot Squiggle & Rest R&D (2014)

A 5 day study into relationships between music, movement and image to create a devised Interdisciplinary piece for children of 2 - 4 years their parents and carers. Concepts were  developed for ‘a new visual chamber opera’ - a poetic and playful adventure for the very young taking the audience on a journey of discovery through a fantastical theatrical garden full of extraordinary visual and musical experiences.


The full production produced by Polka Theatre and The Royal Opera House enabled a level of musical excellence and innovation. see more by clicking here: Dot Squiggle and Rest


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The process involved creative collaboration with ROH composer - Elspeth Brooke, animator - Graeme Hawkins, cellist - Laura Moody, soprano - Anna Sidris, dancer - Jasmiina Sipila and puppeteer -Zannie Fraser.


Through improvisatory exercises the creative team explored how abstract two and three dimensional shapes stimulated sounds and interpreted characters, and how rhythm and musical notation playfully inspired narrative concepts.

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